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County Committee Season 2018/19

County President
President Mr Tony Clayton
County Vice Presidents
Vice President Mr.Howard Davies
Vice President Mr.John Robinson
Vice President Mr Bill Postlethwaite
County Elected Executive Officers
Chair Mr David Beverley
Vice Chair Dr Neil Hardisty
County Secretary Mr Reinhard Lindner
Treasurer Mr David Beverley
County Elected Officers
Minutes Secretary Mr Gordon White
Welfare Officer Mr Gordon White
Coaching Officer Mr Matt Ware
Publicity/Website Mr Melvyn Gregory
Website Admin Mr David Beverley
National Councillor Mr Reinhard Lindner
Deputy National CouncillorMr Phil Hadley
County Teams Secretary Mr Phil Hadley
County Umpire Vacant
Non-Elected County Teams Secretaries
County Championship Team Information Person Mr.David Beverley
Seniors Teams Secretary Mr Matt Ware
Juniors 1st Team Secretary Mrs Emily Malloch
Juniors 2nd Teams Secretary Mr Andy Millar
Cadets 1st Teams Secretary Mr Andy Millar
Cadets 2nd Teams Secretary Mr Peter White
Veterans 1 Team Secretary Mr Tony Clayton
Veterans 2 Team Secretary Mr. John Hook
Over 60's Team Secretary Mr Reinhard Lindner
Elected South West Region Reps
  Mr David Beverley
  Mr Reinhard Lindner
  Mr Gordon White
Elected Webmasters
  Mr Melvyn Gregory
  Mr David Beverley
Elected Auditor / Examiner
  Mr Denis Richardson

As per the DTTA Constitution 2015, the affairs of Association shall be managed an Executive Committee consisting of the Elected Executive Officers, County Elected Officers; & Two Representative which have been appointed by the Affiliated Leagues


County Team Secretaries may also attend

The Executive Committee shall meet at l;east 4 times during the Season.

The Executive Committee may appoint such sub committees as it feel necessary